21-30P Connector Manufacturer - High Quality and Competitive Price

Yueqing Haidie Electric Co., Ltd., a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and factory in China, proudly offers the 21-30P connector. This connector is a three-piece set that includes a plug, socket, and cap with a unique locking mechanism. It provides reliable and secure connections for various applications, including power distribution systems, industrial controls, and instrumentation. Made from high-quality materials, this connector is designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding industrial conditions. It has a rated current of 30A and a voltage of 500V, making it ideal for high-current and high-voltage applications. Additionally, the connector is easy to install, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instructions. Whether you need connectors for your factory, plant, or workshop, Yueqing Haidie Electric Co., Ltd.'s 21-30P connector is an excellent choice. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide the best products and customer service possible. Contact us today to learn more about this connector or any other electrical components you need.
  • Introducing our new 21-30P Connector, the perfect solution for your high-speed data transmission needs. This connector features a compact yet durable design that ensures a secure and stable connection for your critical applications. With its 21-30 pin configuration, this connector is ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications. It is capable of carrying high-speed data, power, and signal transmissions, making it a versatile option for any project. Our 21-30P Connector is easy to install and offers a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental disconnection. It is made from high-quality materials that provide superior performance and reliability, ensuring your data transmissions remain stable and accurate. Whether you need to connect multiple devices or transmit large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, our 21-30P Connector has you covered. It is also compatible with a variety of other connectors and systems, making it an excellent choice for retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment. At our company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable products that meet the needs of our customers. With our 21-30P Connector, you can rest assured that your data transmissions will be secure, stable, and fast, every time. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new product!
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